History of Lanchester 

Lanchester is set within the River Browney valley and a short distance from the ‘North Pennines’ – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


The thriving village of Lanchester holding historical significance and dates back as far as the 120 AD  with the formation of the Roman Fort – Longovicium.


The area was of anglo-saxon rule from 400AD until the Norman conquests in 1183. The parish Church, on what is now Durham Road, was built in 1147 and is one of the finest examples of medieval churches in the country. 


In the early 1300’sa Edward I and Edward II marched armies through the village during their Scottish campaigns.


In 1346 Scottish King David passed through the village and on to the local infamous Battle of Nevilles Cross -- which he lost.


In 1862 Station House was built.


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